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Hans Henry Danielson

Hans Danielson was born December 18th, 1832 in Norway and immigrated with his parents to Dane County Wisconsin. He married Elizabeth Anderson and settled in a newly established settlement in the area of Red Wing, Minnesota in August of 1856. Six years later Hans and his brother John were called to service in Company G, 7th Minnesota. Hans and Elizabeth were my Great Great Grandparents and Hans served in the Union Army. This is a brief account of a Norwegian immigrant who first saw action in the Great Sioux Uprising and later in the American Civil War.

Hans Henry Danielson,  picture taken at the 7th Minnesota 1905 Civil War Reunion

Hans Henry Danielson, picture taken at the 7th Minnesota 1905 Civil War Reunion

The 7th Minnesota Infantry Regiment was formed in response to President Lincoln’s calls for an additional 600,000 Northern troops in the summer of 1862. No sooner formed and the 7th was called to respond to the Sioux Uprising in the areas of Morton and New Ulm in Southern Minnesota. Hans served under Colonel Henry Sibley and fought against the Sioux at Birch Coulee and the Battle of Wood Lake in Southwestern Minnesota. He participated in expeditions against the Sioux Warriors that took him as far north and west as to the Missouri River near what is present day Bismarck, North Dakota.

With the defeat of the Sioux, the 7th Minnesota was sent south under the command of General A.J. Smith first to St Louis and later to the Memphis. In the summer and fall of 1864 Hans and the 7th took part in battles at Tupelo, Mississippi against Southern Armies commanded by General Nathan Bedford Forrest and General Sterling Price in Arkansas and Missouri. The defeat of Price marked the end of the Southern organized military operations west of the Mississippi.

Late in November, the 7th Minnesota as part of the Sixteenth Corps, arrive in Nashville commanded by General George Henry Thomas. Confederate General John B. Hood was in position and threatening the Union lines south of the city. The Battle of Nashville begin on December 14th and on the 16th it changed Hans Danielson’s life as he suffered an extremely serious wound to his leg from fragments of a cannon shot. Hans was transported to a hospital in Louisville where his leg was amputated at the hip. Most men who suffered this type of wound did not survive. Hans returned home to Minnesota and was mustered out of the Union Army in August of 1865.

Upon his return home, the future looked bleak with a wife, four small children, his handicap and a homestead in need of attention, but with courage and fortitude he and Elizabeth overcame all of these problems. They were frontier people that rebuilt their lives building up a Midwestern farmstead and erecting a large machine shop. His shop became his pride and joy and as modern as any in nearby towns in those days. Hans and Elizabeth had twelve children. Hans Henry Danielson died on March 6, 1908.

Hans H. Danielson picture taken at the 7th Minnesota 1905 Civil War Reunion

I know that many of you have similar stories of relatives that served in the Civil War. If you would like to share their story, please send in an article about them and their service in the Civil War so their stories can be shared with the membership in the Scout Report.

John Stegner, President


Anderson Amundson von Krogh Family, Complied by Lester W. Hansen Minnesota Historical Society
Hans H. Danielson Diary