Our August 8 monthly meeting was well-attended by 63 diners (55 members and 8 guests), and 36 members plus 3 non-members came for the lecture. So 102 persons listened and learned as Greg Biggs discoursed on the impressive logistics of Sherman’s Atlanta and To-The-Sea campaigns.

Did you know that each horse required at least 20 pounds of fodder per day, and there were several thousand horses in the army? Or that a Union soldier could march only about 50 miles before his shoes wore out? Or that Union trains traveled in a loop from Nashville to Chattanooga to Bridgeport to Nashville so that no use of sidings was required?

On September 12 Dave Mowery will discuss John Hunt Morgan’s raid across the Ohio River. Morgan had lots of men and animals—and no railroad or secure logistical tail. Come and hear how these obstacles were addressed.

Although most of our members elect to receive the monthly newsletter electronically, hard copies are still mailed to museums, libraries, and a few members. Our Secretary Steve Dean has found a company that will do this for us, and at less cost than we have been paying.



Dinner now begins at 6:30 pm, business at 7:15 pm, and program at 7:30 pm.

Renew your membership! If you have already done so, thank you

Living History Weekend 2017

The Roundtable and the City of Knoxville co-sponsor an annual Living History Weekend at Fort Dickerson. This year’s dates are October 27-29. Friday October 27 is School Day, and several busloads of elementary school students are expected. Saturday October 28 and Sunday October 29 will be open to the public.

Volunteers are needed for traffic control, hospitality, and dispensing literature, advice, and knowledge. You don’t have to be an expert to be helpful! Contact Tom Wright (865-482-1680 or thomaswright8@comcast.net) or Perry Hill (865-283-1691 or CptHill63rdtn@yahoo.com) for more information.


East Tennessee History Fair

Upwards of 10,000 people are estimated to have attended at least part of the annual East Tennessee History Fair in downtown Knoxville on Saturday, August 19. Many of them stopped at the KCWRT station, where volunteers dispensed verbal and printed information.

More than 50 asked to receive our newsletter electronically, and several new members are expected. 90-minute or greater shifts were volunteered by Cathy Crawford, Dick Heisser, Jonathan and Melanie Goldstine, Stan Sech, Annalisa and Gus Roehrig, Jo Hayden, Eric Wayland, and Jerry Patterson. Also assisting were Jim Doncaster, Dot Kelly, Dennis Urban, Tammie and Brian Burroughs, Arlene Lynsky, Paul Tanguay, and Joan Markel. Living History was portrayed by members Jim Young, Tom and Sue Wright, George Lane, Dewey Beard, and Calvin Chappelle.

Thanks to all who made this event such a success for the Roundtable and our community.

President John Burkhart