Your Knoxville Civil War Roundtable would like our membership to know that our financial records are open and available for all members. Although we operate on a Fiscal Year that begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year, a brief Calendar Year ending report might serve better to illustrate our revenues and expenses and total financial picture.

With our low membership dues and dinner charges just over our costs, your Board has done everything possible to keep your costs at a minimum.

As many of you know, our primary source of revenue is membership dues and we collected slightly more than $7,000 in dues this year. Our Membership Chairman, Jerry Patterson has done an outstanding job in building our membership to about 240 members. In addition, Eric Wayland, our Preservation Chairman, brings in about $1,000 from the sale of magazines and books generously donated by our members.

Since we pay Bearden Banquet Hall $13 for each member who dines with us and charge only $15 for that member, we do not make any money from our dinner collection, especially after we pay for meals for our speakers, their guests and any other guests we invite. We are also faced with having to pay dining expenses for members who call in a reservation, but do not come to the meeting.

As a Roundtable, the largest expense we incur is for speaker expenses. We pay no honorarium to our speakers, but we do pay for travel, meals, lodging costs and the cost of small gifts which are presented to them. I believe each of you will agree that our Program Chairman, Jim Doncaster, does a splendid job of recruiting knowledgeable and even exciting speakers. This year we spent just over $4,000 for speaker expenses.
Our second largest expense is for our support of Ft. Dickerson. With our upkeep of the park and the expense involved with our Living History Weekend, we spent just over $3,600 this year.

Additionally, other expenses we incur are for printing and mailing the “Scout”, telephone, post office box rental, office supplies and other equipment such as the new laptop we purchased this year.

As you can see, we operate on a very tight budget and your Board is very frugal with your money.

Our bank balance beginning in January, 2017 was $11,067 and at year’s end it was $9,722.

Questions about this financial summary are welcome.