KCWRT member Jim Tumblin has asked that you be informed about Charles Reeves’ maps at http://ReevesMaps.com

For instance:

The Bachelder-Gettysburg Map is here:


One other map I recall us discussing is the city map of Knoxville, but not sure the CWR members would be that interested in it.  We also talked about a 1930 map of the city at McClung.

The Hess on the “Battle of Ft. Sanders (Knoxville” book is here:


Of note is that this is a new copy of the hardback first edition, not the current paperback.

Charles Reeves, Jr. – reevesca@tds.net
10812 Dineen Dr
Knoxville (Farragut), TN 37934-1809

Thanks, Jim.