The Knoxville Civil War Round Table is proud to announce that the premier living
historians portraying Generals Grant (Curt Fields) and Lee (Thomas Jessee) will be on
stage for one very special performance on July 12, 2022 at 7 PM at Faith Lutheran
Church in Farragut. “Meeting at Appomattox Court House: The Last 48 Hours” is not
to be missed! Ticket price is $10. Children undere 12 are free. Doors open at 6 PM. Period musical presentation ar 6:30 PM. Costumed reenactors will be present.

Dr. E. C. (CURT) FIELDS, Jr., is an educational consultant and living
historian. A lifelong student of the American Civil War, his interest in
portraying General Ulysses S. Grant was driven by that study and his deep
respect and admiration for Gen. Grant. Dr. Fields is the same height and body
type as Gen. Grant and therefore presents a convincing, true-to-life image of
the man as he really looked.  His presentations are in first person, quoting
from Gen. Grant’s Memoirs, articles, letters, and interviews. As a living
historian, Dr. Fields has portrayed Gen. Grant at battlefield reenactments and
commemorations across the U.S. He has portrayed the general on film as
well, staring as Gen. Grant in the Visitor Center film shown at Appomattox
Court House National Historic Park and in the Discovery Channel’s three-
part documentary series “How Booze built America.” When not on the road
as Gen. Grant, Dr. Fields lives in Collierville, TN with his wife Lena.

THOMAS LEE JESSEE is a native Virginian who became interested in
military history as a boy growing up in Hamilton, Virginia in the heart of
Mosby’s Rangers’ country. He has been reenacting since the age of 18 starting
out as a Private and working his way up to General. He has attended
reenactments of all the major War Between the States battles throughout the
U.S. and has commanded troops at many of the national events. As a longtime
student of General Robert E. Lee, Mr. Jessee has portrayed the general in
various venues for many years and was chosen to portray General Lee at the
Sesquicentennial of Appomattox reenactment in Virginia and for the new
Appomattox Visitors Center film shown daily to the public. A retired
Electrical Superintendent and an active member of the Sons of Confederate
Veterans, Mr. Jessee currently lives in Lakeland, Florida with his wife Gail